ERB Test Can Be Mastered with Test Preparation

Although the schools tell parents not to have their children prepare for the ERB Test, as it is supposed to be a measure of their natural skill, test preparation can definitely make a big difference in your child’s ability to perform well on this test. Most parents are preparing their children for the ERB, and if your child is unfamiliar with the format and the content, he or she will be at a disadvantage. As the following article states, private tutoring for the ERB test will put your child at a huge advantage.

School Admissions? Even the Experts Are Overwhelmed

On the private-school front, Ms. Doruk selected three schools — many fewer than the 8 to 10 that most families choose. And her son had to take the E.R.B. Her son was tutored once a week for eight weeks, and then twice a week for two weeks leading up to the test. Not surprisingly, Ms. Doruk thinks preparing children for tests that can be stressful is the right thing to do and should carry no stigma (most schools discourage prep, even though many of them have minimum scores required for entry). “It’s about exposure,” she explained. Like many others, Ms. Doruk does not believe that the E.R.B. actually tests intelligence. It is a tool, she said, that private schools use to manage admissions. “It tests stamina,” she said. “It’s testing their ability to sit and work with an unfamiliar adult for 45 minutes.”