ERB Test Prep to Beat the Tough Competition of Private School Admission

Getting into private schools is getting more competitive each year, and although the schools tell parents not to have their children prepare for the ERB Test, as it is supposed to be a measure of their natural skill, test preparation can definitely make a big difference in your child’s ability to perform well on this test. Most parents are preparing their children for the ERB, and if your child is unfamiliar with the format and the content, he or she will be at a disadvantage. As the following article states, private tutoring for the ERB test will put your child at a huge advantage.

Competition Apparently Up Slightly for Private Schools

For a few years, the news on private school admissions has been grim. It was harder to get into some top schools than to gain entry to Harvard. Not much has changed. On Thursday, the Educational Records Bureau disclosed that the number of students taking the intelligence tests required for admission at most private schools rose a modest 1.4 percent in the 2011-12 academic year. That followed a 7.7 percent increase the year before. Since most schools do not disclose the number of applications they receive — some schools, like Dalton, claim that disclosing it will exacerbate parental anxiety rather than assuaging it — the number of children taking the tests, known as the E.R.B.’s, is often taken as a proxy for admissions competition.
The Educational Records Bureau, which administers the test, said that in 2011-12, 4,418 students took the tests used for entry to prekindergarten to fourth grade.