ERB and ISEE Test Prep is the Key to Success

When preparing for the ERB and ISEE tests, the best way to improve test scores is to start preparation as early as possible, and to use a wide array of tutoring materials. Increasing test scores is a direct result of practice, practice, practice, and working with a private tutor can dramatically improve a student’s performance on the ERB and ISEE tests. As the following article states, a comprehensive study of ISEE test preparation materials is the key to success.

How to Prepare for the ISEE Exam

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) sponsors the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE exam). Parents and their kids should get familiar with the format and content of the test so they can adequate prepare to get sufficient scores for admission into the private school of their choice.
Use the study guides to learn the substantive material tested at each ISEE exam level. You may need to also supplement the study guides with actual textbooks used for that age range. Of course, there is no guarantee how well your student will perform on the ISEE test. It is better to study more than necessary than to study less.
Another benefit of the ISEE study guides is that the student may do practice questions. Ideally, have the student study the substantive material first and then do the practice questions. This is the best way to gauge a student’s potential to pass the exam so long as a comprehensive review is done before the actual Independent School Entrance Examination test day.