Get Your Child ISEE Test Prep for Best Test Scores

Private School Admission Tests, including the ERB, ISEE, and SSAT, are designed to challenge even the brightest students, and extend far past the content students have learned at their grade level. Working with a private tutor not only improves your child’s knowledge of the content on the ISEE test, but also the test-taking strategies necessary to get a high score. As the following article states, a one-on-one tutor can make an enormous difference on your child’s ISEE score and ability to attend a top-notch private school.

How to Best Work with Tutors for the ISEE, SSAT, and for Academic Work

Students turn to tutors in the face of relentless competition. Students who want to attend private or parochial schools must take tests such as the ERB, ISEE, or SSAT. Students’ admission to middle school depends on the scores they receive on fourth grade tests. As one wise 10-year-old girl remarked, “I’m too young to have so much pressure!”
Tutors who are experienced with these tests can help students learn not only the content of the tests but also with strategies for understanding and answering the questions. Many students, particularly those who attend progressive schools, may not have had much experience taking standardized tests and understanding the questions. Students, even though they are bright, may need help taking practice tests and learning how to answer questions under timed conditions. An experienced tutor can help children with these skills, which, for better or worse, are a feature of modern education from the youngest grades through graduate school.