Families Can View ISEE Test Scores Before Sending Them to Schools

Families can view ISEE test scores before sending them to schools. In another change to the ISEE test, families are now given a chance to view their student’s test scores before sending them to a school. Students no longer have to designate a school to receive their scores when they register for the test.

Schools will not be notified how many times a student takes the test. Instead, they will receive a full score report of results of a family’s choosing. If a student takes the test more than once, scores may not be combined to get the best possible score.

To ensure your student’s scores will be received, check with each school to be aware of their reporting requirements.

It’s best to wait to send scores until your student has taken the test as many times as needed out of the possible 3. If you are satisfied with the scores of the first test, you can send them to the appropriate schools, but you can wait to see the results of a second or third test. Doing this will give you the opportunity to send the best possible scores to the schools of your choosing.

For more information go to ERBlearn.org or BostonISEE.com.

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