Boston Latin School Controversy

Boston Latin School Controversy

Boston Latin School has been in the spotlight recently regarding controversial race issues. Following accusations, Lynne Mooney Teta stepped down as headmaster of Boston Latin School. Though Teta felt that the school was working towards becoming more inclusive, she felt it best to resign as there is major work to be done.

Many feel the way that issues surrounding race are handled at Boston schools is the main problem. It appears that the school does not handle these accusations seriously and is slow to react or make changes. Another major problem is the that the population of Black and Latino students at the schools do not reflect the populations in the city itself.

In an article from, an alumni of Boston Latin, Lazarus Vekiarides, discusses the issues as his son is a current student. Vekiarides’ son feels as though there has been progress in making changes and that the school had implemented programs to discuss these issues. He also feels that there is still tension among the school as these issues will not go away overnight.

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