The Boston Latin School

Boston Latin School is a public school that begins in grade 7 and ends in grade 12, making it both a middle and a high school, and it is widely regarded as one of the best schools in the whole country. The classes at Boston Latin School are so challenging that all students leave well prepared to be successful in the future. Some adults who studied at Boston Latin are now multi-millionaires, government officials, and even Hollywood actors.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin School

The school has an extremely rigorous curriculum and academics program that not all students are able to handle. Boston Latin School expects students to do hours of homework every night. Teachers expect all work to be done completely and correctly, and for students to always ask questions about what they don’t understand. Prospective students who do not meet all of these criteria may be putting themselves in a tough position to excel at Boston Latin School.

In order to apply to Boston Latin School, you must take the Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE). The sections on the test include math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Eligible students must officially be in grades 6 or 8, as Boston Latin School accepts into grades 7 & 9 only. In addition to the ISEE, the Boston School Department requires a Grade Point Average (GPA) for each candidate. The GPA is based on grades in English and Math for the final marks for Grade 5 or 7 and for the first half of grades 6 or 8.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin School students

Boston Latin School isn’t just about doing lots of schoolwork, however. While that is a big part of it, students also participate in many extracurricular activities. During the day, students can take art, theater, photography, or music classes, and after school they can choose from a variety of clubs and do whatever interests them most. Boston Latin School has a Step Squad, Gospel Choir, and a “Talented and Gifted Club” which promotes Hispanic culture and provides homework help. These are only three out of over fifty groups available, however. Boston Latin School also has more sports available than many other schools in the city.

Boston Latin School is located in the Longwood area of Boston at 78 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115. You can reach the school by phone at (617) 635-8895. To learn more about applying, please click here.

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