The Roxbury Latin School

The Roxbury Latin School is the oldest boys’ school in continuous existence in all of North America and has educated boys on a continuous basis since its founding in 1645. Prospective students must be able to thrive in a challenging environment that emphasizes character development, academic excellence, and broad extracurricular involvement. The Roxbury Latin School also actively strives for racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic diversity in our student body and admits boys of many different backgrounds.

Roxbury Latin School

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The Roxbury Latin School is a school for boys who have the intellectual potential and the personal determination to do something great with their lives. Their programs capitalize on the universal rhythms of boys’ development and the conditions required to help boys thrive. Most students enter the Roxbury Latin School at grade 7 or 9. The flexibility of this schedule usually permits the school to place boys at a level of Latin, French, Spanish, and mathematics that is appropriate to their particular background and training.

Boys in a boys’ school are free to explore the full range of their personalities and potential and to engage in creative pursuits, and they can discover

Roxbury Latin School

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and express their capacity for compassion and for nurturing support. Part of the Roxbury Latin School mission is to develop young men who can and will participate sensitively and collaboratively in the world beyond. The small community also guarantees that each boy is known and loved. Teachers provide individual and personal support, encouraging each boy to explore new interests beyond the familiar and comfortable and to step into an activity he might not have chosen for himself. In accepting different challenges, a boy begins to cultivate deep interests that may turn into lifelong passions, and in the process he learns about the world, society, his peers, and himself.