Boston Latin Exam Prep Is Crucial to Acceptance

Boston Latin Exam Prep is crucial to student success at and acceptance to Boston Latin Schools. Admission to the Boston exam schools is extremely competitive. The students’ scores on this exam will be the determining factor for admission. Grades are important, but without a very high score on this test your child will not be able to attend the Boston Latin schools.

Preparing for this test is crucial, as the exam contains many concepts that are above the students’ grade level. Students will not have to do the essay component of the ISEE test, but they will be required to read passages and answer questions, know a large amount of vocabulary in order to do synonyms and sentence completions, and answer multiple-choice math questions. In every case, they have a minute or less to answer each question. Without preparation, it is nearly impossible to perform well on this test.

Preparation for the Boston Latin exam allows your child to understand what they will expect when they arrive on test day. They will have strategies in place for reading passages quickly and answering questions, they will know how to use the answer choices to eliminate wrong answers, and they will know enough vocabulary to be able to receive a high verbal score. Most importantly, their confidence will be high as they begin their test, ensuring that they will be able to transfer what they know onto the answer sheet.

The Boston Latin Exam will be administered on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. Please click here to register your child for the exam. Registration materials have been distributed to Boston public schools and are also available at all branches of the Boston Public Library.

For more information on the test prep services provided by Boston Tutoring Services for the Boston Latin Exam, please visit our website by clicking here. 

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