Time Management

One-on-One Personalized Tutoring Benefits All Children

With class sizes getting bigger and bigger, all students could benefit from more one-on-one instruction, which is just not going to happen in their schools. Having a private tutor come to your home to work with your child, and create curriculum designed specifically to target your student’s weak points, can make all the difference in their ability to excel. As the following article describes, private one-on-one tutoring in your home gives your child the competitive…

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SAT and ACT Test Prep Teaches you Time Management, Test-Taking Strategy

One of the most important aspect of skillful test-taking is the ability to manage your time properly, and in a test in which you have more questions than minutes, this is key. Working with a private SAT or ACT tutor will allow you to learn the specific test-taking strategies and time management skills that will allow you to make the most of your abilities. As the following article states, SAT and ACT test prep will…

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